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Purpose Of Advisory

The advisory program at Montville High School promotes meaningful relationships between staff and students while meeting the developmental and educational needs of students. “When students experience caring and connectedness at school they exhibit academic, social, and ethical benefits including greater enjoyment of learning, stronger motivation to act kindly toward others, and stronger feelings of social competence.” (Breaking Ranks, NASSP, 1996)

  • COMMUNITY: The Advisory is a place to personalize and individualize the MHS education program to enhance the school’s sense of community.
  • SKILLS: The Advisory is a place to support the development of life and relationship skills.
  • ADVOCACY: The Advisory is a place to encourage and cultivate leadership and self-advocacy skills.
  • INVIGORATION: The Advisory is a place to have fun and to learn about group process and dynamics

Roles and responsibilities of the Advisor:

How it works:

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