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The Physical Education Department has designed a program that emphasizes lifetime fitness while providing students a choice of activities that best suits their individual needs. Each course provides an academic component that is aligned with the physical education curriculum as well as specialized activities designed to meet the needs of students who have chosen that specific activity. Each course also involves an individual fitness component that provides opportunities for students to increase muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, and flexibility.

The maximum enrollment for all physical education classes is 30 students. There will be no exceptions unless approved by the Department Head.


051 PE-9
Grade: 9 Level: - (½ Credit)
The 9th grade physical education course will provide students an introduction to the various course options that will be available to them as upper classmen. By experiencing these various activities students will be able to make an informed decision regarding future choices.
061 PE-10
Grade: 10 Level: - (½ Credit)
The tenth grade Physical Education course will provide students with a wide variety of activities to increase their knowledge of future course offerings available as upperclassmen. This course will be an extension of the introductory PE-9 course with an increased complexity of activities, games, exercise, and fitness concepts.
052 Fitness through Walking
Grades: 11, 12 Level: - (½ Credit)
Students will explore how walking can lead to improved fitness. This class is designed for students who have a difficult time running or may not be able to run because of medical reasons.
053 Fitness through Team Games
Grades: 11, 12 Level: - (½ Credit)
Students will learn how team games could lead to improved fitness. They will learn the rules and skills necessary to play each game undertaken. Students who sign up for this class must realize they will play a variety of games and must participate in all them in order to get credit for this class.
054 Fitness through Resistance Exercises
Grades: 11, 12 Level: - (½ Credit)
Students will learn how resistance activities could lead to improved fitness. Cardiovascular activities will be incorporated to enhance the resistance training. This course will benefit any student who wishes to become stronger and more fit.
055 Fitness through Individual & Dual Activities
Grades: 11, 12 Level: - (½ Credit)
Students will learn how individual and dual activities can lead to improved fitness. They will take part in a variety of activities designed for one or two individuals. They will learn the carry over benefits for lifetime fitness.
056 Fitness through Running
Grades: 11, 12 Level: - (½ Credit)
This class will revolve around various running activities. The students will explore various training methods and the benefits of each. They will learn how running will improve their fitness level.
057 Fitness through Rhythmic Activities
Grades: 11, 12 Level: - (½ Credit)
The activities in this course will focus on promoting lifetime fitness. Units of instruction may cover aerobics, group exercise, Yoga, Pilates, stability ball, Tae Bo and a variety of dances. These units will develop and enhance muscular and cardio respiratory endurance.


Montville High School Physical Education Course Expectations and Information


As a student in this class you are expected to participate fully in every activity each day we meet.  Your participation and preparation for class will be a part of your final grade.  Please refer to the participation/preparation rubric to see specifically how you will be graded in this area.  Each day we will meet and have 10-20 minutes of notes.  The notes will include information about origins and history of activities as well as any other fitness and health information. 
            Proper attire for class includes shorts, T-shirts and/or sweats.  No jeans, jean shorts or tank tops please.  Pants/shorts must be on or above the hips and all shirts must cover the mid section.  If you have hair longer than shoulder length, it must be tied back with a hair tie. You MAY NOT PARTICIPATE if you do not change!!!  You will be given 5 minutes at the beginning of class to change and 10 minutes at the end of the period to change and shower.  Please use this time wisely.

            You are expected to be in class before the bell rings.  If you arrive late, it is counted as a tardy. We hope that you are in a PE section that covers activities that you enjoy so prompt arrival to activity is expected.  If you are tardy more than 4 times you will serve a ½ hour detention with your teacher after school.

            Policies described in your student agenda are strictly followed in this course.  This is a semester course and you may not miss more than 7 classes or you will not receive course credit.  If you are out of class or cannot participate due to illness or injury we must see a note from the school nurse.  IF YOU CUT CLASS, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC ZERO FOR THE DAY AND YOU CANNOT EARN THOSE POINTS BACK!

You will be graded every class on your participation and behavior. Please refer to the Physical Education Grading Rubric that details the grading procedure for class. You will also be graded on your participation and behavior periodically throughout the semester by the School-Wide Community Behavior Rubric. 


            You are expected to be fully changed into proper attire (as noted above) for every class meeting. Grading on your preparation for class is detailed in the semester rubric.


            For each section/activity covered in class, your skills will be assessed.  You will receive rubrics that describe specifically what skills will be assessed for the unit.

            Quizzes are an essential part of this course and will include health, fitness, and sport specific topics. Possible topics covered may be history activities, rules, strategies, nutrition, and/or application questions.  

Class assignments and projects throughout the semester will be placed in a folder. The folder will be kept with your teacher and returned at the end of the semester.

Fitness Journal:
            You will compile a Fitness Journal throughout the course of the semester. Your journal will include daily activity, caloric expenditure, nutrition/consumption, and personal reflections. Other journal topics/entries may be determined by your teacher. This Journal will be handed in as part of your Final Exam at the end of the semester.

At the end of the semester, you will be given an equally weighted, two-part Final Exam that will include a written and journal component. The Written component will be a comprehensive exam that will require the application of specific cognitive information covered in class to specific real-life situations. On the day of the Final Exam, you will be required to hand in your completed Fitness Journal as explained above. THE TEST IS NOT AN OPTION!  IT IS WORTH 20% OF YOUR TOTAL COURSE GRADE!!!

Teacher Contact Information:
            If you need to contact your teacher please email at:
                        Mrs. Alfonso
                        Mr. Alves:
                        Mr. Brown:
                        Mr. Hardy:


Teacher Web Sites

Mr. Alves
Mr. Brown
Mr. Hardy

Mrs. Alfonso

Grading Breakdown:
Preparation:                            30%
Participation/Behavior           30%
Skills:                                      20%
(quizzes and assignments)      20%        
Total:                                      100%

**REMINDER – Your Final Exam is worth 20% of your final course grade**