Due Date: Assignments:

day 1 exercise ----



1. QUIZ -- review notes, reread chapter, and read cartoon history -- If you have lingering questions, write them down! I'll assume you have a handle on the material if no one is asking questions on Thursday.

2. Go to firstworldwar.com, look at menu on left and click propaganda posters under multimedia. Next, click on USA in menu on right. Browse the posters by clicking on individual posters and on pages 1-4. Choose 4 posters that you think are good examples of propaganda, describe each poster's message and explain what makes it influential.



5/10/11 Inherit the Wind Read page 505 -- Changes and Challenges in Education -- Scopes Trial

Inherit the Wind -- 1920's 1/2 sheet questions/notes

5/16/11 1920's documentary -- review of 1/2 sheet notes
5/18/11 The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time -- Hoover article

Discussion - The Great Depression


Hoover article discussion -- take home quiz


Time magazine -- FDR's Legacy -- 6 articles -- write a brief summary of each article as well as any questions you have relating to each article -- this is the source or our discussions for 5/31 & 6/2 - SO READ!

Outlines - Road to Pearl Harbor, European Theater, Pacific Theater -- READ and answer the questions to consider (2 per outline)

If you don't understand a word -- LOOK IT UP

If you don't understand what you read -- READ IT AGAIN

If you still don't understand what you read -- WRITE DOWN QUESTIONS -- THEN LOOK THEM UP

Finally, there's always your TEXTBOOK :)