Assignments and Important Dates
American Studies I 2010-2011
Mrs. Baril

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Course Name and Block #


Tuesday, March 22 Wordsworth analysis due. Don't forget to turn in your project reflection.
Monday, March 14 immigration presentation, reaction to the Yellow Wallpaper due - 2-4 pages typed, double spaced - use of text required
Thurs, March 10

definitions and sentences of vocab due

at home: reading "The Yellow Wallpaper"

Test Friday, Feb 11 - vocab test , first 20 words
Completion date - Wednesday, Feb 9- there will be a test on this day. Reading My Antonia don't procrastinate. You should be reading now and using post it notes to mark integral places in the text.
Jan 21, 24 midterm exams - be sure to prepare ahead of time
Wed., Jan 12

Read, Highlight, annotate "The Writing Process"

Block 4 - illustrated metaphors due

Friday, Jan 14 Revised essay on free write due - typed, double spaced - turn in first draft with revised copy.
Thursday, Jan 6 Read, highlight, annotate "On Essaying" in your log, discuss what surprised you, questions you wish to play with AND pick the most profound statement MOffet makes and then explain WHY you felt it was profound. I am aware that one of the pages was cut off in the copying process, do the best you can with it.
Monday, Jan 10 Final draft of essay on Grades and Grading. IF there is a snow day on Friday, BOTH essays are due.
Friday, Jan 7 Final draft of Essay on The Essay
Dec, 15 If you are donating cans or Toys they must be in by this date
By Dec 21 All FINAL essay revisions are due on this day. These drafts will be graded and NO more revisions possible. You may turn in any essay as many times as you wish BEFORE this date. Essays not received by this date will revert to first grade.
Monday, Dec. 13 Legendary Western figure paper due
Friday, Nov. 19 Block 4 - logs are due. Class meets Thursday, you can turn them in then. If you turn them in on Friday - it is up to YOU to drop them off. Late logs will NOT be accepted.
Tuesday, Nov. 16

Revised essay on grading due

Read, highlight, annotate Excerpt from Zen and the Art of Motorcyle maintenance and write a reaction to it. These will be shared in class.

Friday, Sept 10 Captains and the Kings essay - start asap
Wed., Sept 8 As I Lay Dying Map
Monday, October 4 presentations due
Month of November BOOT CAMP
Nov. 5

Finish "Lean on Me' - log reflection on the film contents:

  1. What surprised you?
  2. What do you believe?
  3. What do you doubt? Why?
  4. Questions you want/need answered?
  5. What elements from Finn (Literacy with an Attitude) are present in this film - evidence?
  6. If you read Savage Inequalities, what is the link?
November 9 Essay on the essay 1500 words, typed, double spaced size 12 font