Assignments and Important Dates
American Studies II 2010-2011
Mrs. Baril

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Course Name and Block #
Friday, April 8 Test on chapters 1 through 8 of Alas, Babylon.
ongoing survival project
Wednesday, 23 Crucible reading moved up again - Monday will be devoted to history projects both blocks. Reading AND paper on the Crucible are due on Wednesday. Expect an objective quiz on the reading that day.
Thurs, March 17

The Crucible should be finished - USE YOUR LOG to note appropriate quoes, play with ideas, ask questions (try to answer)etc. There will be an objective test on this day, followed by a Socratic Seminar on Monday the 21 - date moved up.

March 11

Reaction paper on BFC, Freedom and You and current supreme court case. Length - 2-4 pges typed, double spaced - consider the following questions:

  • How have Americans responded to fear in the past and now?
  • How has/does fear dictate the behaviors of society
  • Remembe that you MUST include supporting details from the three elements listed above.


Feb 14 - ongoing Propaganda research and campaign
Feb 16

news write-up typed - watch a half hour of news every night from a variety of sources: fox, national, local, Jon Stewart, etc and pleas do the following:

identify the news show, channel and journalist presenting the information. If there is more than one newscaster, be sure to include everyone you see. What time did the broadcast appear? List the stories you saw during the half hour. Pick one of the stories that interested you and summarize it. Indicate why you found it interesting. At the end of the week, answer the question - What issue do you care the most about? Why? What do you think should be/could be done about this?

Friday, Feb 4 Brave New World papers are DUE! Anyone not turning in a paper Friday, MUST turn it in Tuesday and will receive a 20pt deduction from hi/her grade no exceptions NO excuses.

Revised due date-

Feb 3 or 4 depending on the day class meets.

Research papers are due. Because of the extended due date and the length of time you have had to work on this paper, IF your paper is late, you will receive a 20 point grade deduction automatically. If the paper is not turned in the following day - the very NEXT day, I will NOT take it under ANY circumstances. You may come and conference with me, turn in rough draft any day up until Friday, Jan 28.
By midterm

Reading of Animal Farm must be completed

prepare for midterm exams

Tues., Jan 11 outline for research paper
Wednesday, Dec. 22 arguments/support list for paper due
Monday, Dec. 20 Two additional questia essays: read, highlighted, annotated due - should be relative to your desired paper topic
Thursday, Dec 16


possible paper topics due (see syllabus) - Brave New World should be completed by this date

Tuesday, Dec 14

ALL Utopia narratives are due

Critical essay from Questia - read, highlighted, annotated - due

reminder - if you are keeping up with the reading, you should be on page 225 of Brave New World

Friday, Dec 10 Utopia presentations begin - you should be well into Brave New World by now. Logs due block 7
Nov 15,17 TEST/Socratic Seminar - Steinbeck

Cannery Row - Steinbeck

  • Completion Date - November 15 - at that time there will be an objective test followed by a Socratic Seminar.
  • Do some background research on Steinbeck so you can see what societal issues he is responding to.
  • As you read, make note of the culture, its values, social aspects of the society of Cannery Row itself.
  • HOW does this story FIT the culture of the society itself, but also retain relevance today?
  • USE POST-ITS to mark the text - or better yet, get your OWN copy.


In-class, ongoing

Reading of Arsenic and Old Lace - discussion - How and why would this appeal to audiences of the 1940's. Why does it continue to appeal to audiences today.

"Primary texts" - episodes of Little Rascals - responses in log: Why would this appeal to 1940's audiences? What surprised you? What values do you see present? What is your evidence? What still appeals to audiences of today?