Assignments and Important Dates
Senior English 141 - 2010-2011
Mrs. Baril

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Course Name and Block #
April 29 Finish the book and write a final log reaction - end thoughts, lingering questions, etc. BE SURE YOU USE THE TEXT
Over break - Due Monday, April 25 read to page 195 and do a second reaction in your log of at least three pages, incorporating quotes into your writing - what are you thinking about as you read this? Why?
Thursday, April 14 to page 147
Tuesday, April 12

As you are reading Handmaid's Tale, keep a running list of quotes (see below). Expect pop quizzes at any time.

Read to page 106 in The Handmaid's Tale in your log, write a three page reaction to the reading. BE SURE to include direct references to the text.

ALSO - keep a running list of quotes that you find provocative, wonderful, reactionary, etc. Make sure you include the page number of the quote.

Monday, March 22

Thought paper due. Remember to bring in your discussion questions for the Ishmaels. If you did NOT complete reflective questions on "Waiting for Superman" do so over the weekend and make sure you have discussion questions and comments ready for the Ishmaels. Waiting for Superman questions:

1. What are your first thoughts/reactions to the film? What did you think - why?

2. what surprised you? Upset you? Angered you? explain.

3. What, do you believe, is the message of this film to the public? Explain.

4. Is it all "doom and gloom" or do you see some rays of hope for American Education? Explain.

5. How do you think Dan Quinn (Ishmael) would interpret this film based on what he says about education?

6. Any other thoughts you would like to share?

Thursday, March 17 Thought paper due - see instructions for details paper due date postponed to Monday, March 22
Monday, March 7 visual essays due
Thursday, March 3 Ishmael, My Ishmael must be finished there will be a test today.
Tues, March 1 Thought paper #2 - 3-5 pages typed. Do you agree or disagree with Ishmael's philosophy on Takers/leavers - why. Textual support required
Wed., Feb 23 thought paper3-5 pages Ishmael, My Ishmael
Wed, Feb 2 Revised Grading essays due (if you were unhappy with your grade)
Tuesday, Jan 25 Self reflection on grade due
Tuesday, Jan 25 midterm - remember to prepare ahead of time
Tuesday, Dec. 14 Read, highlight, annotate "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" excerpt. In your log, write a reaction to what you read - agree/disagree with what and - why? USE the text in your response to show where your thinking is coming from. (3 pgs). You will be sharing these in class.
Friday, Dec. 10 Essay on Grades and Grading due